January Personal Work | Maine Documentary Photography

As January begins to wrap up I wanted to take a moment and post a bit of my personal work I’ve been doing this month. January was a month of goal setting, spending time with my children, preparing for my spring semester and running errands. Definitely have to include running errands as they are never-ending, right? I did quite a bit of my errand-running this month with my sister-in-law which lent some really fun times with my silly nephews. I brought my camera along with my once and I am going to try to make it a habit.




I’ve just finished up my first week of classes. They’re looking challenging but incredibly interesting which is always great. I’m trying to get ahead because undoubtedly by week 8 I will be losing steam.



This winter I’ve learned that A is quite the snowbunny. In the summertime I felt like I had to drag her out of the house and it was a constant fight to keep her outside. I thought she was just going to be an inside kid. But almost every morning before breakfast she’s getting on her snow gear and is ready to head outside to play. I guess she just enjoys the cooler temperatures.



It’s been a tough month for L. She hasn’t been feeling well and has had to make quite a few trips to the pediatrician. Luckily she really likes her doctor so that makes it much more bearable. It’s hard to see your child feel not feel well but it’s pretty heartbreaking to hear how discouraged she’s getting about the lack of a reason. She’s labeled herself the “mystery girl”. We’re relieved that all blood work & other testing has come back normal. Her pediatrician hasn’t ruled out the possibility of her symptoms self-correcting. For now it’s just selective diets until she goes to see a specialist.




We’ve spent most of the month laying low, hanging around the house. Between school (for all 3 of us), doctors appointments, and errands there hasn’t been much time for any adventuring. I’m hoping to do more winter activities next month.. assuming we can get some snow to stick around for a little while. Here are just a couple sweet ones of the girls playing a keep away game with Jus.


Until next time,



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