Snow Days | Maine Family Photographer

Oh, snow days. I have a love/hate relationship with them. On one hand, I love snow days. They make my spontaneous heart flutter with the possibility. No schedules, no rules, all fun. Except, that’s not how they’ve been panning out in reality lately. Lately snow days are filled with my kids complaining about being BORED and arguing with each other. And the tattling. So. Much. Tattling. I’m sure all you moms with 5 year olds can feel me there.

The one saving grace is when I can send them outside to play in the snow. My children love to play outside and can usually manage to play nicely together building snow men, snow forts, and snow angels.

I was pretty unsure how what the weather was going to be like today so yesterday became our outside fun day. I spent the morning learning how to cross country ski with a close friend; which was awesome and I didn’t fall. True story. Then I brought the girls to go sledding at Harris Farm where we met up with a couple other local families. Needless to say, it was the best day ever.

Thankfully, today was actually not too bad. Not too windy, not too cold. So after we dried the winter gear, out they went! Here are a couple I grabbed before heading back inside. I really need to get some snow pants.






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